eDiscoveryServices Factors

Explore key factors to assess your approach to eDiscovery Projects

Regardless of experience, are you handling eDiscovery projects in the most productive, effective, and cost-efficient manner?

There are 5 key factors to consider when evaluating whether full-service or subscription service is the best approach for your eDiscovery projects:

  • Matter Size
  • Experience
  • Number of Projects
  • Users
  • Litigation Support Staff

Matter Size

Size and scope can impact many aspects of a project, including strategy, performance, and pricing. Can you benefit from unlimited storage or does a predetermined amount work best? Is your focus on custodians, devices, documents, data, or some combination?


What is the largest hurdle for project success? Its not the tools or platform, rather the ease of using the technology to complete your tasks, especially if time passes between projects. eDiscovery familiarity, or support from those who have it, allows you to adapt to varying project timelines and improve workflow processes and results.

Number of Projects

One project or many? Sometimes both? Using the same workflow or managing totally different case types? All while balancing costs. An adaptable platform supported by experts - with assistance when needed - enable projects to be handled at your pace and on your schedule.


Users play many roles in a project, the biggest impact coming from document reviewers. Sharing is the way to go in kindergarten, but it doesn't allow proper tracking and QC in eDiscovery. User access and billing are a significant factor to consider.

Lit Support Staff

Having a strong litigation support team offers advantages but isn't a requirement for project success. Expertise determines tasks to handle in-house or when to enlist aid. Automation, templates, and admin tools provide flexibility and options to enhance your success.

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